SACOBSouth African Chamber of Business (Banking and Finance)
SACOBSouth African College of Business (Steenberg, South Africa)
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At Sacob we find that about 25% of our learners have absconded or found other work....
Richard Downing, Sacob economist, believes the 2004/05 budget will "be good for demand and selling in the economy, on top of high levels of spending in the private sector".
SACOB (1993), A SACOB Policy on Affirmative Action, South African Chamber of Business, Johannesburg, 13 July.
Box 9756, Johannesburg 2000, * South Africa, international telephone (27-11) 859-1585, international fax (27-11) 859-1586, South African Chamber of Business (SACOB), P.O.
The South African Chamber of Business (SACOB) says apportionment of blame can come later right now the government has a responsibility to help as quickly as possible those business who suffered losses as a result of the upheaval.
"Some 90% of the business activity of South African border towns is reliant on trading with Lesotho," says SACOB senior economist Bill Lacey.
Only a day or two later, Deputy President Thabo Mbeki reacted strongly to business confidence figures released by the South African Chamber of Business (SACOB), a gathering of white mainly English-speaking business people.
Mr Mbeki labelled SACOB's index figures white scare tactics, contending they did not reflect black confidence and therefore fell short of truly representing the level of business confidence prevailing in South Africa.
Business Voice, the organ for the South African Chamber of Business (SACOB) described the rand as behaving 'like a demented bungee jumper, plummeting 25% against both the pound and the dollar and then whipping back up again, as the Reserve Bank intervened to tug on its rope.'
This proposition was made by the South African Chamber of Business (SACOB) whose political analyst, Professor Lawrence Schlemmer, asserts such a Ministry should put an end to a situation in which crime, "has overwhelmed the capacity of law enforcement to contain it.