SACOGSacramento Area Council of Governments
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In partnership with the Local Government Commission, SACOG has made the Integrated Model for Planning and Cost Scenarios--known as iMPACS--available to local governments and other regional planning organizations in the state, as well as helping provide training.
SACOG is using the grant for projects to increase transit-oriented development and improve the quality of life in the region.
the SACOG blueprint as the inspiration for the new law and its
Taking its cue from the SACOG Blueprint, SB 375 gets right what so
We congratulate Marty and appreciate all he has done to launch SACOG on a course where we are establishing a reputation as a leading force in adopting smart growth policies," Cabaldon said.
To the credit of the SACOG Board of Directors and staff, the agency is providing more value to the region's cities and counties than ever before.
As the region's transportation planning agency, we are pleased to provide this quick and easy service for the region's travelers -- whether by train, plane, bus, automobile or bicycle," said SACOG Board Chair Christopher Cabaldon.
Information for 511 comes from the California Highway Patrol, Caltrans, SACOG, more than 20 transit operators, Amtrak, the Sacramento International Airport and the National Weather Service, among others.
The consultant will receive general direction from the SACOG Project Manager.
SACOG, at its discretion, may extend the MMA contract for design-related services.
MMA's understanding of the project requirements and very strong management and technical approach was key to their selection," said Jim Brown of SACOG, manager of this project.