SACOLSouth African Confederation of Labour (trade union)
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Last July, the 14-year old Lunsmann, his mother Gaerfa Lunsmann (a Filipina who married an American in the US), and his Filipino cousin Romnick Jacaria were abducted by armed men in front of the Lunsmann-owned resort on Sacol Island in Zamboanga City.
last July 12 while holidaying with relatives on Sacol Island near Zamboanga City.
Los farmacodependientes generalmente empiezan con el consumo de una o varias sustancias psicoactivas, tales como el tabaco y el alcohol, continuan con marihuana, cocaina, bazuco, sacol o psicotropicos sin prescripcion medica, entre otras sustancias psicoactivas, de las cuales se hace, por lo general, uso simultaneo [6].
23 while returning by boat from a break on Sacol Island in Zamboanga City.
Los policias le echaron sacol en la cabeza y la prendieron (E13-499).
(6.) In 1994 COSATU had 1,317,000 members, the National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU) 316,000 members, the Federation of South African Labour Unions (Fedsal) 270,000 members, and the South African Confederation of Labour (SACOL) 54,000 members.