SACQStudent Adaptation to College Questionnaire
SACQStudent Adjustment to College Questionnaire (various universities)
SACQSerologically Active but Clinically Quiescent
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Note: Greater detail regarding the several subscales of the SACQ is available upon request from the first author.
The eta squared statistic for the full SACQ scale and subscales showed a large effect size (full scale [[eta].
The aim of this study was therefore to investigate adjustment to university, by using the SACQ, in a cohort of first-year Spanish students.
Students enrolled in an introductory writing composition class were solicited to complete a single administration of the RHI and SACQ during the 12th week of a 15.
The study found that, compared with controls, SACQ patients showed very little subclinical progression.
The response format for the SACQ is a 9-point Likert-type scale ranging from 1 (applies very closely to me) to 9 (doesn't apply to me at all), with higher scores on the SACQ indicating higher levels of adjustment to college life.
In Step 2, total scores for the CSEI, SDS Self-Estimates subscale, and SACQ were entered simultaneously along with HS average with GPA remaining as the dependent variable.
Except for a negative correlation with confusion, all subscalcs and the total score of the SACQ correlated significantly and positively with all vocation scale score.
TABLE 1 Hierarchical Regression Path Coefficients of Self-Esteem as a Mediator of Social Anxiety and College Adjustment Path Outcome Variable Mediator A B Time 1 SACQ subscale SPPCS subscales Academic Adjustment Academic Self-Esteem -.
Two questions may be raised concerning use of the attachment subscale of the SACQ and use of indecision subscales of the CDS.
Each person received a questionnaire packet, and completed the measures in the following sequence: A demographics form depending on their MK or Non-MK status, PAQ, SSSQ, HCSS, and the SACQ.
The SACQ (Baker & Siryk, 1989) measures an individual's perceived level of adjustment to college.