SACRSeparate Armored Cavalry Regiment
SACRSoftware Activity Change Request
SACRSociety for Atomic Collision Research (Japan)
SACRSmall Area Contrast Ratio
SACRSandhill Crane (bird species Grus canadensis)
SACRSaint Croix Island International Historic Site (US National Park Service)
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50 students with disabilities completed the SACR training program.
Instructed to dispute some aspect of the requested accommodation, the SACR trainer provided each participant an opportunity to demonstrate acquired accommodation request and conflict resolution behaviors.
Students referred to the SACR training were asked to read and sign an informed consent form in order to participate in the study.
Due to the contaminating effects of pretesting in the control condition, the SACR intervention was evaluated using a posttest-only control-group design (Gall et al.
The SACR intervention produced significant treatment effects (Wilks' Lambda = .
This study found that students with disabilities improved their knowledge of accommodation rights and responsibilities as a result of the SACR intervention.
The findings of this study indicated that, as a result of the SACR training, students with disabilities significantly increased their SA and CR skills and thus were better prepared to satisfy their classroom accommodations needs.
Fortunately, SACR training addressed the origins of these low self-efficacy beliefs by incorporating Bandura's four information sources for self-efficacy acquisition.
S v Kellner 1963 (2) SA 435 (A); R v Mary Pound (1882) 2 SC 2; S v Ohlenschlager 1992 (1) SACR 695 (T).
At 250 Also see Mendes v Kitchen 1995 (2) SACR 634 (E).
Nearly one in four children in Scotland is officially recognised as poor and SACR are demanding a plan to wipe out child poverty as an "urgent priority".