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SACTSupreme Allied Commander Transformation (NATO)
SACTSupplemental Annuity Collective Trust
SACTSussex Autistic Community Trust
SACTSwedish Association of Callers and Teachers
SACTSino Atrial Conduction Time
SACTSwiss Armed Forces Culinary Team (Switzerland)
SACTSeabed Arms Control Treaty
SACTSelf Adjusting Cycle Time
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Chemotherapy and biological therapy are two examples of SACT routinely used to treat cancer.
pdf (login and password required) ("As directed by SACT, the JWC promotes and supports NATO's joint and combined experimentation, analysis and doctrine development processes to maximize transformational synergy and to improve NATO's capabilities and interoperability.
Stephane Abrial, SACT, CHODs will debate the situation in Afghanistan and Kosovo and other NATO operations.
SACT (Spherical Abberation Compensation Technology) improves the quality of the read function on BD drives if the protective layer does not have a uniform thickness.
I join the other Supply Corps officers in HQ SACT for lunch in the mess at 1200--a brief respite to leave the office for a short while and discuss Supply Corps and fleet issues.
Working as an integrated part of the NATO Headquarters' SACT staff, the SAIC/EADS team will assist with developing recommendations based on joint warfighting experimentation and improving interoperability to reduce redundancy, synchronize technology fielding, develop joint strategic, operational, and if required, tactical concepts.
SACT works with industry clients who wish to evaluate, build and deploy enterprise systems using state-of-the-art middleware technology.
The SACT data and other data sources in NCRAS are a critically important resource for future research.