SACTOSacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization
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In the few years that I've been skating, I've been through quite a few changes: the old days in Patterson, the San Fernando guys, the Tilt Mode gang, the Sacto PLAboys--a lot of fuckin' rad memories of epic times on epic trips with epic dudes doing epic tricks.
140 141 at SACTO, CA for ILC 142 First Training missile.
Zered Bassett, Joey Brezinski, Danny Supa, and Benny Fairfax will be at spots like Sacto, Boston, Louisville, Denver, Austin, and Tampa, where the manual contest will transpire.
It's done by Matt Shrugg, the drummer for Sacto garagemeisters the Losin' Streaks, and it must be the result of a near obsession with some of the finer garage bands from the '60s to today.
Tsakopoulos Family, the City of Sacramento, Sacramento Metro Chamber, SACTO, and SARTA has taken the leadership role and initiative in working to bring the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine headquarters to Sacramento.
WITH SF HANDLED we headed east towards Sacto, CA, with a productive stop at UC Davis.
Sacto wasn't a total loss, though, 'cause the next day we hooked up with Omar Salazar, Judd Hertzler, and Ped to skate a sketchy ditch where Silas took a rusty nail to the forearm.
And then the next weekend, as the Valiant headed south again, the half way point intersected with Sacto, where the Losin' Streaks were playing two shows, one with the mighty Sonic Love Affair at a crash-'em-up derby
Turns out they're playing in Sacto this weekend, and I'm gonna be there .
In this mag I've got a switch heelflip in Sacto, that big one, sequence.
We spent the last couple days zig-zagging the Sacto, San Jose, and San Francisco triangle with Whiteley, Kyle, Joe Brook, and Duffel leading the way.