SACTOSacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization
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Recovery from the accident required about three weeks while the SACTO test complex continued the remaining system test.
SACTO and UC Davis estimate that the Western Center for Biodefense and Emerging Diseases would create about 270 new jobs, create new service sector jobs to support the facility, lure private investment into the region and create new businesses linked to the research conducted at the center.
The drama between Chocolate and Birdhouse, did it stem from the midpoint meet up in Sacto on King of the Road 2013?
In the few years that I've been skating, I've been through quite a few changes: the old days in Patterson, the San Fernando guys, the Tilt Mode gang, the Sacto PLAboys--a lot of fuckin' rad memories of epic times on epic trips with epic dudes doing epic tricks.
I feel like your crew of friends is the new generation of skateboarding in Sacto. Biebel, Stefan and Omar--all those dudes moved away, I guess.
With sufficient age, this could do right smartly with the food at Tapa the World, which is about six blocks from the Sacto Convention Center.
When Louie said the Sexy Sax Man was meeting us in Sacto, I had no idea what he was talking about.
The hope, however futile, is that the operators of this trade show finally learn what they are doing and change venues to accommodate the suppliers who would love to exhibit but are not crazy about being stuck on the second or third floor of the Sacto Convention Center.
We rolled into our Sacto cave around two in the morning and immediately checked the KOTR app to see what our city challenges entailed--we definitely had our work cut out for us.
in Sacto. These high-binders are extorting money from businesses for posters featuring state and federal posting requirements.
We pulled into the Sacto park at 1pm on the dot with a full keg of beer.