SACWISStatewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (Illinois)
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SACWIS is a web-based system designed to help county caseworkers and managers with several functions including eligibility, case management and the administration of adoption, foster care and child protection cases.
HHS reported that 47 states are developing or operating a SACWIS, but many states continue to face challenges developing their systems.
Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC) (Nasdaq:DRCO), which provides information technology, engineering, logistics and other consulting services to federal defence, civil and state agency customers, said yesterday (30 June) that the company has received an amendment of USD12.7m from the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family services (ODJFS) for its original Ohio's Statewide Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS) project contract of May 2004, for extended work.
Unlike SACWIS data stockpiling systems, VitalChild continuously analyzes the information and data collected, and uses this evidence to produce predictive algorithms for foster care and residential treatment placement.
The initial goal of SACWIS regulations was to establish a comprehensive, one-size-fits-all case management system for agencies in a particular jurisdiction.
In 1993, Congress enacted the State Automated Child Welfare Information System, or SACWIS. This program, administered by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), continues to provide financial incentives for states to build computerized information systems in child welfare.
In child welfare, for example, the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems (SACWIS) regulations, which specify the conditions under which states can receive federal matching funds to build and operate child welfare case management systems, place burdens on states that make it difficult to invest in up-to-date technologies to improve outcomes while saving time and money.
Ohio's SACWIS, which was fully implemented in 2008 when the last of all 88 Ohio counties adopted the system, has modernized communication standards between child service agencies statewide, specifically by compiling data to support case management and accountability; system alerts have also maintained a well-informed workforce.
In addition, the ACF released a public comment notice regarding the proposed SACWIS redesign.
On the horizon is to fully integrate the interstate compact system with the state SACWIS system so that all interstate placement information will be generated and maintained in one location.
The photos are then wirelessly uploaded to the Florida's SACWIS to document each child's condition.
The business subcommittees are Finance and Administration, SACWIS, Training, and Public Awareness.