SACZSouth Atlantic Convergence Zone
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The subject of the contract is the performance of construction works related to the construction and extension of the municipal road na targowisko at km 0,000-0 220 along with the construction of a bridge at km 0 187 in the town of przysietnica commune stary sacz based on the attached technical documentation and on the principles set out in this specification.
Within the project to be gradually completed by the end of 2018, the town of Staryacute Sacz will create a mobile application that will present the history, monuments and attractions of both towns, while also describing the route connecting them.
"After that, it's on to Prague in the Czech Republic, and after another stop-over, onwards to Krakow near Nowy Sacz."
Father Edward Rytko, who was born in 1921 in Stary Sacz, Poland, and died on March 11.
The subject of the contract includes the execution of construction works entitled the extension of the logical network in the building o / zus nowy sacz, ul.
The subject of the order is the delivery of printers and scanners for the needs of the city of nowy sacz. 2.
The subject of the contract includes 1 task - transport with a lifeguard ambulance, transport ambulance without a lifeguard to patients of the specialist hospital jedrzej sniadeckiego in nowy sacz - main code cpv 60.
A) the subject of the order is the supply of dedicated mobile devices enabling the loading and management of computer equipment for the implementation of the projects raising key competences of students and primary and junior high school teachers from nowy sacz and increasing the potential of nowy sacz secondary schools through investment in education within the regional the operational program of the lesser poland voivodship for the years 2014-2020
The subject of the order is the service of transporting students from the area of stary sacz commune in the school year 2019/2020 on routes from wola krogulecka and facimiecha to the primary school in barcice together with providing care, delivery of disabled students along with providing care for the wola krogulecka / barcice / przysietnica / moszczenica nizna route / stary sacz ul.
The subject of the order is comprehensive technical and logistic service of an outdoor cultural and entertainment event called nameday of nowy sacz 2019, including: stage rental, sound and lighting, along with technical service and ensuring safety for contractors and participants of the event organized on the market square in nowy sacz, july 6-7, 2019.