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SADASeasonal Affective Disorder Association
SADASpatial Analysis and Decision Assistance
SADASouth African Dental Association
SADAStandard Advanced Dewar Assembly
SADASolar Array Drive Assembly (aerospace)
SADASeattle Art Dealers Association (Seattle, WA)
SADASouth Australian Debating Association
SADASouth Australian Dairyfarmers Association
SADASingapore Air Defence Artillery
SADASmall Arms Distribution Assessment
SADASpecial Assistant for Data Automation
SADASisters Association for Dawah in Arlington
SADAStudents against Drug Abuse
SADASudan Accountability and Divestment Act of 2007
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A select group of academics, physicians specialized in brain and nerve diseases and members of the medical committee of the SADA will address the public gatherings under SADA's program during the next two weeks.
Others (inside Opec) and others outside of Opec can make up for the loss in Libya,' Sada told reporters.
Sada, 27, a writer from London, who was brought up in Edinburgh, has signed a five-figure deal to front a radio campaign for internet search service Yahoo.
But yoga-loving Sada, the only Scottish contestant in the show, said: "I was the most tolerant person in there, but that came across as selfishness to the boys simply because I was unavailable to them.
But the news last night that irksome Sada and former sex-aids seller Caroline had been nominated for the first early bath in Friday's public vote had been widely anticipated.
The leading edge technology of SADA II contributes to the strategic responsiveness, forward engagement and force projection capabilities of the U.
that will serve as a base for operations, SADA Systems is poised for success in providing the best possible service to our strong network of East coast clients as well as extending its reach in order to fuel further growth within new segments.
Alhaji Musa Sada said the initial beneficiaries would train other artisans.
Making the announcement Sada said the discovery was the result of around four years of intensive exploration activities, including the drilling of two wells in the region.
The most important of those is the opening of outpatient clinics for Alzheimer patients in a number of governmental hospitals," said SADA Vice Chairperson Princess Madawi bint Muhammed bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman.
In his inaugural speech, Al Sada said that Qatar has made great strides in the field of fertilizer industry in recent years, as it continues to strengthen its presence as a producer and a major source of chemical fertilizers, and still aims for more concrete expansions.
Raff Brodie, 34, believed his life with sexy Sada was perfect and revealed how they got turned on by making love outdoors.