SADAASouth African Dog Agility Association (est. 2001)
SADAAScience Assistant to the Deputy Administrator (US EPA)
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Establish and maintain contact with all SADAA Chapter Presidents and/or Advisors.
As a student on the council, you will help generate goals and ideas to grow student membership, ADAA membership, SADAA chapters and the organization itself.
For example, you can start SADAA chapters at your schools.
When you are a member of a SADAA chapter or a member on the Council on Student Relations, you are then qualified to apply for the Student Trustee position.
The dental assisting program at MTI was excited to open the school's first SADAA chapter.
Congratulations to Stony Brook University, which has filed their SADAA Chapter paperwork.
There is also a PowerPoint presentation available that describes student membership and SADAA chapters.
SADAA, Dec 4 -- The Houthis in Sa'ada have partially lifted their 46-day blockade on Damaj, a local has told the Yemen Times.
I told Arts and Business what I was interested in business planning and they placed me with with SADAA and Gateway Arts as they thought the organisation would benefit from my skills.
Courtney has already made a significant mark in the world as a volunteer at the Greenville Free Medical Clinic, as a member of the Greenville Tech SADAA Chapter, and the Chairperson of their Outreach Committee.
You have much to be proud of and I want to congratulate you on all of your hard work and commitment to your profession through your involvement in your SADAA Chapters.