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SADAMSociedad Argentina de Auditoría Médica (Spanish: Argentinian Society of Medical Audit)
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Abdullah Atiqzoy (left), Sadam Essakhil and police at the scene of the double stabbing at the junction of Grove Lane and Holly Road in Handsworth, on May 31 last year
En una escena, Sadam intenta castrar a su propio hijo, entubado y anestesiado.
The Sudanese embassy in London has confirmed that athlete Al-Nazeer Abdul Gadir had already applied for political asylum while Sadam Hussein and Osman Yahya are missing.
The port Tallinna Sadam approved on April 3 last year's business results, which enable the company to pay a record nearly 57 million euro dividend payment, together with dividend income tax, to the state.
I've never understood the saying "untimely death" - when is anyone's last breath timely, apart from Sadam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden maybe?
Sadam Ali slammed 111 not out for Al Masaood to get the better of Krithi Interiors by 127 runs while M.
Noticing the gravity of the situation a passerby Sadam Hussain tried to remove him from the electricity pole but the he also fell victim to the electricity current.
Es cierto que existe alguna posibilidad de que Sadam Hussein se exilie?
Tate & Lyle has formed a joint venture with Eridania Sadam ("Eridania"), the Italian sugar producer.
Los Antecedentes: las oscuras y tormentosas relaciones entre las Potencias Occidentales y Sadam Hussein (1970-1990)
A question to Cindy Sheehan and her supporters: Where were your protests when Sadam Hussein slaughtered his own people, when he gassed innocent men, women and children?
IT appears the forthcoming elections in Iraq will be based upon the electoral lists that returned Sadam Hussein as president 30 years.