SADANGSysteme Acoustique de l'Atlantique Nouvelle Generation (French; Atlantique ASW patrol plane)
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Angela Sadang, CFA, ASA, is a Director in the Litigation and Corporate Financial Advisory Services Group at Marks Paneth LLP.
Again like the Nimrod, the ATL is flown by a crew of 12 and incorporates a SAT/TRT forward-looking infrared sensor (mounted in a turret under the nose); Thomson-CSF's Iguane radar (the scanner of which is housed in a retractable ventral "dustbin") with an integrated LMT IFF interrogator and SECRE decoder; Thomson-CSF's ARAR 13A ESM; the same company's SADANG acoustic processing chain; and a Crouzet MAD.
Reported by: MC Roces, MD, NI Pastor, MD, IL Gopez, MD, MCL Quizon, MD, RU Rayray, MD, RR Gavino, MD, ES Salva, MD, MB Brizuela, MD, FC Diza, MD, EV Falcon, MD, JM Lopez, MD, MEG Miranda, DVM, RA Sadang, MD, NS Zacarias, MD, MM Dayrit, MD, Field Epidemiology Training Program, Philippines.
It high-lighted its Sadang 1000 sonobuoy system for light maritime patrol aircraft.
However, Valenzuela City Comelec Officer Felton Sadang said the rumor is likely to be false because Avancena is not a registered voter in the city's 2nd District.
Other stations in the top 10 include Gangnam (45), Seoul (45), Shindorim (38), Sadang (34), Daerim (30), Seoul National University (17), Yeoksam (15) and Konkuk University Station (14).
Coach JJ Hernandez, Apinado Eduardo Jose, Arellano Edison, Baylan Adrian Rafael, Canlas Kyle, Caringal Karl Philip, Castillo Carl Matthew, Consolacion Ben Gerard, Corpuz Zaki Friej D., Dela Cruz Andrei Jhonyl, Rodriguez Rashid, Sadang John Moses and Soriano Reinelle.
Malaysian police interviewed captain Nobuo Inoue, 56, and chief engineer Shunji Kuroda, 50, both from Japan, and third engineer Edgardo Sadang, 41, from the Philippines for details of the pirate attack, their treatment during captivity and release for clues to the identities and whereabouts of the kidnappers.
Package I covers a total length of 68 km valued at Rp 3.021 trillion for Cipularang of the Sadang (Purwakarta)--Sikamuning (Padalarang) section and the JORR (Jakarta Outer Ring Road) for the sections of W1, E2, E3 and N.
Amascos includes the Thomson/Deutsche Aerospace Ocean Master radar, the Thomson Sintra Sadang 1C sonobuoy signal processor and a "navigation unit," as well as the noted DR 3000A.