SADARMSearch And Destroy Armor
SADARMSearch and Destroy Armor Munition
SADARMSelected Armor Defeating Artillery Munitions
SADARMSense & Destroy Armament/Armor
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Army should consider replacing the SADARM with existing munitions that already are in service with NATO countries, such as the Smart 155 or Bonus, rather than develop a new one.
In 1995, the General Accounting Office concluded that SADARM "did not meet operational requirements.
According to the memos, the firm's Stephen Loftus, a former vice admiral, is helping Aerojet develop a "strategy to gain [the Navy's] support" for SADARM.
This is a great accomplishment for the Army, Aerojet and our key subcontractor, Alliant TechSystems," said Ron Abbott, vice president of the SADARM product sector.
Hitting five armored targets with four 155mm Howitzer projectiles, SADARM continued its legacy of devastating lethality and accuracy and nearly doubled the U.
It calls for eight brassboards, including the X-ROD and the SADARM circuits; the EW brassboard for the light helicopter (LH) application; the MLRS; the Westinghouse brassboards; and the EHF communications brassboard.
SADARM was developed and is produced by prime contractor, Aerojet, and key subcontractor, Alliant TechSystems.
Phase 2 also includes several enhancements to applications initiated during the Phase 1 program, such as Gen-X, AMRAAM, SADARM, Micro-TWT Driver Module and STRAP.
Founded in 1942, Aerojet remains competitive in several product sectors: Strategic and Space Propulsion; Earth Sensing Systems; Space Surveillance Systems; Tactical, Defense and Armaments; SADARM and Defense Conversion Systems.
The DAB, which reviews DoD programs to ensure they are ready to transition from one program phase to the next, found no issues with the proposed SADARM Production Program.
Today, Aerojet maintains a competitive posture in a number of product sectors including: Strategic and Space Propulsion, Earth Sensing Systems, Space Surveillance Systems, Tactical, Defense and Armaments, and SADARM.
During the invasion of Iraq last year the Army shot 121 Sadarms according to Sledge.