SADARMSearch And Destroy Armor
SADARMSearch and Destroy Armor Munition
SADARMSelected Armor Defeating Artillery Munitions
SADARMSense & Destroy Armament/Armor
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Army should consider replacing the SADARM with existing munitions that already are in service with NATO countries, such as the Smart 155 or Bonus, rather than develop a new one.
This is a great accomplishment for the Army, Aerojet and our key subcontractor, Alliant TechSystems," said Ron Abbott, vice president of the SADARM product sector.
SADARM was developed and is produced by prime contractor, Aerojet, and key subcontractor, Alliant TechSystems.
This high award fee is recognition by our Army customer of Aerojet's strong commitment to excellence on the SADARM program," said Dick Bregard, director of Smart Weapons for Aerojet.
These outstanding results continue to not only provide the Army with solid evidence that SADARM exceeds its effectiveness requirements, but also demonstrate the great team effort between the warfighter, developer and contractor," said U.
In this latest Reliability Assessment Testing, 22 SADARM 155-mm projectiles were fired in severe desert conditions, resulting in 25 direct hits (greater than one hit per projectile), a revolutionary capability for the field artillery.
The DAB, which reviews DoD programs to ensure they are ready to transition from one program phase to the next, found no issues with the proposed SADARM Production Program.
Today, Aerojet maintains a competitive posture in a number of product sectors including: Strategic and Space Propulsion, Earth Sensing Systems, Space Surveillance Systems, Tactical, Defense and Armaments, and SADARM.
This was also the first time SADARM was tested outside a desert environment.
Awards during the quarter included two key contracts for SADARM (Sense and Destroy Armor), a smart munition program for the Army.
Higher volumes on the Defense Support Program (DSP), the Central Theater Processing Program, and SADARM, were offset by lower volumes on Titan and tactical propulsion programs.