SADDStudents Against Destructive Decisions (formerly Students Against Drunk Driving)
SADDStudents Against Drunk Driving (now Students Against Destructive Decisions)
SADDSexual Attention Deficit Disorder
SADDStatement of Approved Design Data
SADDSeasonal Affective Disorder Depression
SADDSoftware Architecture Design Document
SADDStupid And Dumb Decision (coined by Francis J. Theriault in Toronto in 1996)
SADDSelective Attention Deficit Disorder (satire)
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Stepien, who has been teaching for 33 years, has been involved in SADD since its inception at the school four years ago, when it was started by a group of students.
They won an all-expenses-paid trip to the annual SADD national convention in Phoenix, for Mrs.
The Massachusetts offices of SADD and MADD collaborated to recognize excellence among youth, advisers, groups and law enforcement, both school and community-based, for outstanding efforts in the prevention of underage drinking and/or increasing traffic safety.
Allison has been involved in SADD all four years of the chapter's existence at Millbury High School.
She also wrote the successful application for her school's SADD grant.
Stepien was the person who challenged her to consider joining SADD, Allison said.
I like hanging out with them," she said of her fellow SADD members.
SADD and all SADD logos are registered trademarks of SADD, Inc.
Liberty Mutual and SADD annually collaborate on "Teens Today," a program that studies and reports on teens' behaviors, attitudes and decision-making about such issues as driving, drinking, drug use, sexual activity and family/peer relationships, and provides solutions for families to address these issues.
She is planning to attend the SADD National Conference this summer in New Orleans.
The message of SADD is to promote a healthy, drug-and-alcohol-free lifestyle, and also free of other destructive decisions.
CUTLINE: Gardner High school SADD officers front, from left, Gabrielle Istvan and Jenny Scott; rear, Derek Greenawalt and adviser Gene Farrell.