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SADFSouth African Defence Force (South Africa)
SADFSouth Africa Development Fund (charity)
SADFSemi-Automatic Document Feeder
SADFSeized Asset Deposit Fund (US DOJ)
SADFSelected-Area Dark Field (electron microscopic imaging)
SADFSaskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund
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A UN-brokered cease-fire in 1988 saw the SADF units leave Angola.
Apparently Spain and France did not abide by the embargo, because during this period the SADF adopted the 9mm Star Modelo B pistol while the SAP standardized on the Manuhrin-made 9mm Walther P1 for uniformed officers and 7.
In 1996, the government launched a huge procurement bid to modernise the fighting capabilities of the SADF.
Following this, in December, de Klerk purged the senior ranks of the SADF dismissing or suspending 23 officers, including six generals.
During his career, SCWO Laubscher was awarded the Chief of the SADF Commendation Certificate, three Chief of the SA Army Commendation Certificates and various formation and unit commendations.
The SADF seized control of the clinic in 1986 during the infamous security force backed 'Witdoeke' attack on Crossroads and razing of the KTC squatter camp, leading to a community boycott of its services.
Swart tells us that at first things went well with this relocation exercise as the SADF still offered an employment safety-net to the soldiers, but in 1993 the 31 Battalion (the so-called Bushman battalion) was disbanded and questions were raised regarding the rightful ownership of the Schmidtsdrift farm.
Bengt Winblad - The Worldwide Costs of Dementia (funders: SADF (a foundation for Research on Alzheimer & Dementia), FAS (a research foundation on Working Life and Social Science))
At higher level it was thought that the SADF needed three divisions.
MILOS NIKOLIC is a Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sadf, Kneza Milosa 17, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia.
SADF and the Jalal Foundation have accordingly concluded an agreement - to be signed in Berlin on October 17 next - aiming at facilitating their contact with the civil society and political authorities of the West.