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SADFSouth African Defence Force (South Africa)
SADFSouth Africa Development Fund (charity)
SADFSemi-Automatic Document Feeder
SADFSeized Asset Deposit Fund (US DOJ)
SADFSelected-Area Dark Field (electron microscopic imaging)
SADFSaskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund
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The greatest feat of arms performed with a Star Modelo B occurred during the civil war in Mozambique by a former Portuguese soldier serving with the SADF, Sergeant Francisco "Danny" Roxo.
A UN-brokered cease-fire in 1988 saw the SADF units leave Angola.
The dotted red lines in figures 4-7 show the recursively calculated univariate backward ADF and SADF statistic sequences, respectively.
Perhaps inevitably, the impressive war-fighting capability that it inherited from its primary predecessor, the apartheid-era SADF, has been eroded by such factors as the higher priority accorded to the ten-year process of integrating the various former apartheid-era forces into one national defense organization; downsizing of the SANDF (particularly the army) and the slow pace at which it is proceeding; the increasing obsolescence of military equipment (despite big-ticket purchases for the air force and navy under the Strategic Defence Procurement package); and severe budgetary constraints in the face of pressing national social and health problems, especially a high rate of HIV/ AIDS.
At the same time, the members of the former SADF had to be reoriented.
It encoded the views of most whites who believed the apartheid regime's rhetoric that the SADF was shielding its citizens from the rooi/swart gevaar (literally 'red/black danger'): the dual threat of Communism and African nationalism.
In May 1985 a SADF commando attempted to sabotage the Gulf Oil installations there.
He refuses to believe that the main impetus for the savage massacres that occurred between 1990 and 1994 were SADF personnel (the so-called "Third Force") seeking to weaken the ANC, but contends that it stemmed from the violent tendencies of the ANC and its willingness to use force against opponents who disagreed with them.
This collection of texts by conscripts of the former SADF is indeed a welcome addition to the existing corpus of war literature.
That the greatest care be taken to ensure that the attitudes and actions of all members of the SADF and the Police Forces conform to the highest standards, and that those who transgress be brought speedily to justice;
The "small mercy" was that this meant an automatic dishonourable discharge from the SADF.