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SADFSouth African Defence Force (South Africa)
SADFSouth Africa Development Fund (charity)
SADFSemi-Automatic Document Feeder
SADFSeized Asset Deposit Fund (US DOJ)
SADFSelected-Area Dark Field (electron microscopic imaging)
SADFSaskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund
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Basson himself admitted in court that his foreign contacts did not know about his SADF connections.
The greatest feat of arms performed with a Star Modelo B occurred during the civil war in Mozambique by a former Portuguese soldier serving with the SADF, Sergeant Francisco "Danny" Roxo.
The SADF intervened in neighboring Angola, first helping the Portuguese fight nationalist guerillas and, after independence, to pursue SWAPO guerillas and assist western-backed UNITA forces against the Soviet supported MPLA and its Cuban mercenaries during that country's long civil war.
He was keen to enlist in the SADF but, as he was under age, his mother refused to give him permission to do so.
Analogously, the augmented supADF (SADF) test can be derived.
Al-Shehri said the state-owned Saudi Agricultural Development Fund (SADF) is leading an initiative at attaining self-sufficiency in the production of fish and seafood.
As a result, in February 1977 the leadership of the South African Defence Force (SADF) effectively reduced the role of the SAN to that of a coastal force.
The results, based on a survey that Gallup conducted in mid-July and early August for the South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF), appear to reflect Nepalese respondents' concern about terrorism.
The first concerned the 1982 counteroffensive that UNITA launched against the MPLA with the support of South African troops; the other was the 1987-88 war of Cuito Cuanavale, when 5,000 soldiers of the Cuban Expeditionary Forces supporting the MPLA joined 20,000 MPLA soldiers (the Forcas Armadas Populares da Libertacao de Angola, or FAPLA) in a battle against 10,000 UNITA and 7,000 South African (South African Defense Force, or SADF) troops.
This conference pledged to set up a South Asian Disability Forum (SADF) with its headquarters in Islamabad.
Those archives also include a lot of Israeli documents and interviews with very high level people on both sides, not just diplomats but also generals who are retired from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) or from the South African Defense Force (SADF).