SADGSociété des Architectes Diplômés par le Gouvernement (French: Graduate Society of Architects for the Government)
SADGSchule an Der Gartenstadt (German: School at the Garden)
SADGSan Antonio Design Group (civil engineering firm; San Antonio, TX)
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Jacques Greber," dated October 27, 1936; and a promotional monograph for his consulting firm, Jacques Greber, Architecte SADG SC SFU Urbaniste et Architecte de Jardins (Strasbourg: EDARI,n.
Given that SADG is already too politically, economically and socio-culturally incoherent to co-operate in unison, perhaps the time has come to bite the bullet and find a common objective around which regional trade and investment efforts could be focused," he suggests.
Greber's text for a slide lecture at the salon was reproduced in "Societe des Artistes Francais : L'Architecture aux Etats-Unis," Bulletin de la SADG 16 (July 1, 1921): 159-63; (August 1-15, 1921): 196-80.