SADGSociété des Architectes Diplômés par le Gouvernement (French: Graduate Society of Architects for the Government)
SADGSchule an Der Gartenstadt (German: School at the Garden)
SADGSan Antonio Design Group (civil engineering firm; San Antonio, TX)
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Generate the SADG of the new version of software architecture description from the resulting SADG.
Table 1 represents a sample of internal form of Base SADG.
Because of we are interested by static dependency analysis of SADG, we extract all slices starting from external source entry (e.
X]) denotes the set of vertices in SADG of variant X.
X]/v is a vertex in the SADG of X from where we want to inspect its impact in the overall SADG of X.
M] characterizes the SADG of the new version of the software architecture.
Generate the SADG of Base, Variant A, and Variant B.
Merge the set of changed slices and the set of preserved slices in order to get the SADG of the new version.
Slice extraction process outcomes more than fifteen slices per SADG.
In this case the slice of Variant A will belong to [DELTA]A, Base set and is one of slices forming the SADG of the new version of Software architecture.
Figure 8 reflects the same behavior in the three SADG.