SADHSSouth Africa Demographic and Health Survey
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This compares favourably with the SADHS study, in which 76% of men knew that using condoms and having sex with one uninfected partner prevents HIV, while only 68% of women knew this.
A comparison of condom use across age groups in the 1998 SADHS shows higher levels of condom use among 15-19 year-olds (20%) than among 20-24 year-olds (14%) at last sexual intercourse, compared to 7% or less among other age groups.
The study is based on a secondary data analysis of the SADHS of 2003.
For the estimation of CPR, the number of sexually active women, defined as a woman who reported sex in the last 4 weeks, was used for the denominator for comparability with the SADHS.
The terms 'risky' and 'hazardous or harmful' drinking were used in the 1998 and 2003 SADHS surveys, respectively; nevertheless they were uniformly defined as drinking [greater than or equal to]5 standard alcoholic drinks per day for males and [greater than or equal to]3 drinks per day for females.
The SADHS survey was funded by the DoH under the co-ordination of the Medical Research Council of South Africa.
20) They can also can be used to monitor the impact of policy changes aimed at improving hypertension care when the National Department of Health repeats the SADHS.
The SADHS was funded by the South African National Department of Health under the co-ordination of the Medical Research Council, South Africa.
9) However, detailed analysis of the 1996 Census data together with the 1998 SADHS showed a consistent downward trend in child mortality since the 1970s that reversed from about 1993.
The 1998 SADHS (4) reported that 45% of men and 17% of women aged 15 years and older currently consumed alcohol.
The BMI distribution in the South African population was assumed to be normal with parameters obtained from the 1998 SADHS for each age and sex group.