SADJJournal of the South African Dental Association
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Sadj is actually the name of a flat pan or griddle over hot coals, but the term is also used to define the dish itself.
Bouckaert, "Herpes zoster post-herpetic neuralgia," SADJ: Journal of the South African Dental Associationng, vol.
Resultados por categoria de items con estar en la prueba de produccion escrita estar + SAdj (max 4) estar + SPrep (max 4) Grupo Prueba Prueba Prueba Prueba inicial final M inicial M final M M (DS) (DS) (DS) (DS) Control (n=17) 3.76 (0.44) 3.47 (0.87) 3.06 (1.20) 3.29 (1.36) Practica 3.32 (0.75) 3.47 (0.84) 2.84 (1.01) 3.53 (0.90) (n=19) Modismos 3.25 (1.06) 3.69 (0.87) 2.94 (1.29) 3.38 (1.02) (n=16) Total (n=52) 3.44 (0.80) 3.54 (0.85) 2.94 (1.14) 3.40 (1.08) Tabla 7.
La primera autora presenta los patrones mas frecuentes en la formacion de locuciones en este orden: Prep + Nucleo; Prep + D + Nucleo; Prep + Nucleo + SAdj (con D y sin D); Prep + Nucleo + SPrep; SPrep + Conj + Sprep.
One of such states was Sadjids' country, which was established by a Turk, Mohammad Ibn Abu Sadj. It was under him that, for the first time ever, all the various Azerbaijani lands were united within one country.
sn v sn sadj El presidente ha considerado este procedimiento inadecuado.
His revelations are, like the utterance of the kahin, comprised in sadj [mysterious pourings] and sometimes begin with the usual abstruse oaths; even the forms which he was still using for administering justice and settling disputes in Madina during the early years of his stay there correspond in their main features to those of the pagan kahin and hakam [judge].
If either land-use alt or the timber production activities are capable of generating cash income during the period from time 0 to time t', then an adjusted S' (SADJ') must be identified for incorporation into equation [1].
HEART- TRIPJ James 'Jam' Nolan, third from right, in Poland SADJ Body of James Nolan leaves Dublin Airport last night
DISHONOUR Z Sir David Higgins collected his knighthood just a week ago KILLED Charlotte, left, and Olivia PALSJ Olivia and Charlotte SADJ Margaret was on train TRAGICJ Angus and Margaret CARNAGE J The car Angus, Margaret and Donald MacKay died in at Caithness crossing UNDER-FIRE J David Higgins with Chancellor George Osborne MOTION 3 Tom Harris
Para Klein las oraciones comparativas entranan una cuantificacion universal sobre modificadores de grado.'[delta]' es una variable sobre modificadores de grado, esto es, lo que denotan los constituyentes sintacticos en la posicion de especificador de SAdj; como muy, mas, relativamente, etc.
SADJ Tributes outside house VICTIMS J The six children who died in the blaze HEARTACHE 3 Mikey with his godfather Andrew Allsop yesterday