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SADLSituational Awareness Data Link (US Air Force)
SADLSpatial Applications Division Leuven (Belgium)
SADLSituation Awareness Data Link
SADLSatisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life (hearing aid satisfaction survey)
SADLSignificant Activities of Daily Living (insurance)
SADLSPAN Airborne Data Link System
SADLSituation Air Data Link
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Similarly, we found no significant differences between individual and group formats for hearing handicap, communication strategies, hearing aid outcomes, and satisfaction, with the exception of better scores for the individual fitting on the SADL SC subscale.
Installing SADL on C-130s means aircrews and combat controllers will be able to coordinate airdrops more effectively due to the range of the SADL network, the accuracy of position reporting and the ability to achieve all of this digitally without cumbersome voice communications.
What makes the A-10C even more lethal than the A-10A is the SADL integration and the targeting pod.
Leuven SADL 2005), spatial data and their importance for policy preparation and implementation have been on the agenda in some shape or form in all of the Member States.