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SADLSituational Awareness Data Link (US Air Force)
SADLSpatial Applications Division Leuven (Belgium)
SADLSituation Awareness Data Link
SADLSatisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life (hearing aid satisfaction survey)
SADLSignificant Activities of Daily Living (insurance)
SADLSPAN Airborne Data Link System
SADLSituation Air Data Link
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Inicialmente foram realizadas comparacoes entre o desempenho no questionario SADL considerando os individuos que estavam adaptados com um ou dois AASI, para os dois momentos de avaliacao.
Installing SADL on C-130s means aircrews and combat controllers will be able to coordinate airdrops more effectively due to the range of the SADL network, the accuracy of position reporting and the ability to achieve all of this digitally without cumbersome voice communications.
Em seguida, os pacientes responderam ao questionario SADL [7] (Anexo 1).
Other secondary outcomes included the HHIE, CPHI, SADL, Outer EAR, SADL, and IOI-HA.
The SADL allows pilots to share information such as friendly ground positions and air traffic with each other while keeping track of enemy forces.
SADL, a program begun by the Arizona Air National Guard and now partly funded by the USAF, uses an off-the-shelf EPLRS radio, integrated with the aircraft's 1553 bus to tap into the EPLRS NCS to obtain positional information of all friendlies in the area.
O instrumento SADL contem 15 questoes com o objetivo de quantificar a satisfacao global com o IC e gerar um perfil de satisfacao.
Abbreviations: ANOVA = analysis of variance, CST = Connected Speech Test, HINT = Hearing In Noise Test, HL = hearing level, HSD = honestly significant difference, IRB = Institutional Review Board, NAL-R = National Acoustics Laboratory-Revised, PHAB = Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit, PTA = pure tone average, SADL = Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life, SD = standard deviation, SII = Speech Intelligibility Index, SNHL = sensorineural hearing loss, SNR = signal-to-noise ratio, SPL = sound pressure level, SRT = speech reception threshold, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
This, he said, could mean equipping them with systems such as SADL or Link-16.