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SADLSituational Awareness Data Link (US Air Force)
SADLSpatial Applications Division Leuven (Belgium)
SADLSituation Awareness Data Link
SADLSatisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life (hearing aid satisfaction survey)
SADLSignificant Activities of Daily Living (insurance)
SADLSPAN Airborne Data Link System
SADLSituation Air Data Link
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This makes the threshold for the share of non-Ricardian households marking the switch from a SADL to a IADL in Bilbiie's externality-free paper equal to 1/1 + [chi]/(1 + [mu]).
Central to the Spanish national SDI has been the development of a national geoportal, which has been online since July of 2004 (SADL 2011a).
Most ADLs provide connectors as first order citizens of the language such as: ACME [10], Aesop [8], C2 [15, 16, 17], SADL [21], Wright [1], ArchWare's [pi]-ADL [26, 27], xADL [7], AADL [3] etc.
The potential effect SADL has on airlift operations is huge."
"What makes the A-10C even more lethal than the A-10A is the SADL integration and the targeting pod.
special operations troops on the ground were able to communicate with strike aircraft via EPLRS (note that the USAF calls their use of EPLRS the Situation Awareness Data Link, or SADL).
At the same time, the Nonresident Studies School, which is now known as the School of Advanced distributive Learning (SAdL), began work to implement the ILE curriculum in The Army School System (TASS) battalion and correspondence course venues by the end of 2005.
Jan Palenicek was trained under Sasi Vectomov and Milos Sadl, and his musical development was then enhanced by contact with Paul Tortellier and in chamber music with Josef Vlach.
While most countries do not have an integrated approach for building and maintaining the national SDI (K.U.Leuven SADL 2005), spatial data and their importance for policy preparation and implementation have been on the agenda in some shape or form in all of the Member States.
``The Native Americans have a culture that would have benefited western man,but sadl your intrusion onto the continent of America was based more on greed and less on forging a new life for the people of Europe.
Other TDLs include Link 11, Situational AwarFY2eness Data Link (SADL), and Variable Message Format (VMF).