SADPScoped Address Discovery Protocol
SADPSearch Active Devices Protocol (software)
SADPSelf-Aligned Double Patterning (optical lithography)
SADPStudents Against the Death Penalty (Austin, TX)
SADPSmallholder Agriculture Development Project (Papua New Guinea)
SADPShared Automatic Data Processor
SADPStation Area Development Planning (Fulton County, GA)
SADPStandex Air Distribution Products (various locations)
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El SADP era un novedoso sistema orientado a introducir mecanismos competitivos para la provision de directivos publicos, hasta ese momento reclutados discrecionalmente, y mantener los criterios de confianza politica para su destitucion.
A statement issued here said the SADP, an initiative of the planning and development department, was providing peace, justice and socioeconomic development through good governance in Dera Ismail Khan, Tank and Lakki Marwat.
Since the relationship between DP and SADP is a negative correlation, using the maximum absolute value allows for a comparison of the magnitude of the correlation between two signals.
Consequently, the SADG consisted of 30 items measuring 10 collegiate athletic goals, and the SADP consisted of 30 items representing 10 athletic processes.
Meanwhile, carriers have expressed an interest in having 120 SADP group exchange relationships with for 2017, up from 113 this year.
19.882 establecio que el SADP contemplaria 98 servicios publicos cuya funcion no sea el diseno de politicas sino mas bien su ejecucion.
Subsequently, the Scale of Attitudes toward Disabled Persons (SADP) and the Mental Retardation Misconceptions Scale (Antonak, 1982; Antonak & Livneh, 1988) were published.
A proposta de se ter uma pre-qualificacao como requisito de provimento de cargos em comissao de livre nomeacao e exoneracao foi baseada no Sistema de Alta Direccion Publica (SADP), do Estado do Chile.
Aside from buying the assets of Standex Air Distribution Products Group (SADP), Blue Wolf will also take on certain debts associated with the business, the buyer said in its statement without providing specific information on deal terms.
The CTC's Chief Executive Officer, Mustanser Ali Khan noted that its Sustainable Agriculture Development Programme (SADP) has reached out to 7,045 families across Sri Lanka, assisting them in overcome poverty.
The event included talks by politicians and police officers and was organised in conjunction with the South Asian Development Partnership (SADP).