SADQSeverity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire
SADQStroke Aphasic Depression Questionnaire
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Severity of dependence SADQ total score n = 200 (%) Mild dependence 4-19 104 (52) Moderate dependence 20-30 62 (31) Severe dependence 31-44 30 (15) Very severe dependence >45 4(2) Table 3: Correlation between the severity of dependence and the burden on the caregivers.
Results obtained from SADQ shows nearly 60% patients in the early onset group and 40% in the late onset group were drinking approximately 180 mL of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) every day.
The comparisons between two groups showed that there was significant difference in the SADQ total score at p value <0.005, which signifies the severity of alcohol dependence more in early onset dependent group.
Table 5: Comparison of Severity of Alcohol Dependence, Prevalence and Types of Alcohol-Induced Psychiatric Disorders Between Two Groups Variables Chi-square value [chi square] (df = 98) SADQ Total Score 9.64 ** Prevalence of alcohol- .694 induced psychiatric disorders Types of Psychiatric Morbidities 1.
Two main instruments were used to assess patients' mood in the trial: the SADQ and the "sad' item of the Visual Analog Mood Scales (VAMS).
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Table 4 shows the association of FH (Dichotomy) with current age, mean AOO, and mean SADQ score.
The mean SADQ in the Group 1 was 38.9 [+ or -] 11.50, Group 2 was 43.43 [+ or -] 10.78, and 46.13 [+ or -] 10.71 in the last group.
Even though, we have not blinded this study, the sequence of administration of the SADQ before interviewing the FH itself acted as a "blinding process." This has not been standardised in an Indian context.