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15, 2014, Sadr ordered the closure of all offices, centres and associations affiliated to al-Shahid al-Sadr (reference to his martyred father) in and out of Iraq.
Sadr was among those leaders who blamed Maleki for that, as the jail-break helped AQM to expand and morph into ISIS.
Sadr by then had fully backed Imam Sistani's order of resistance against ISIS.
Sadr then led the Sistani-inspired campaign and headed a 1m-man rally at Baghdad's Tahrir Square.
Sadr's father was the mentor of Hassan Nasrallah, now the secretary-general of Lebanon's Iran-sponsored Shi'ite guerrilla/political movement Hizbullah.
Sadr was among those suspected of involvement in the murder in front of the Imam Ali Shrine of Grand Ayatullah Muhammad-Baqer al-Hakim, founder of SCIRI, in August 2003 - although his death was also blamed on the Neo-Salafi terrorist Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi who was killed in a US air strike in June 2006.
Sadr has consistently opposed the US occupation, as well as most of the other Shi'ite political groups in Iraq.