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SADTStructured Analysis & Design Technique
SADTStructured Analysis Design Technique
SADTSummer Average Daily Traffic (various organizations)
SADTSpecial Active Duty for Training
SADTSino Age Development Techtrade (Beijing, China)
SADTSelf-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature
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TAC melts at 27[degrees]C and has an SADT of 89[degrees]C; exothermal auto-polymerization may occur from 160[degrees]C.
During those previous researches we developed this preliminary model using SADT and tested it in our virtual enterprises oriented partnerships with industrial SMEs.
Abstract: The SADT (Structural Analysis and Design Technique) consists of two parts: the structured analysis (SA), followed by the design (DT).
To do this, several intermediate models are set up: the "application activity model" (AAM), which is not a data model, but is similar in concept to an SADT activity model, the "application reference model" (ARM) and finally the "application interpreted model" (AIM) (SCRA, 2001).