SADTUSouth African Democratic Teachers' Union
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'Sadtu supports call for lifestyle audit' (2010), 20 February.
But SADTU's biggest accomplishment is its role, as part of a political/labor coalition, in peacefully dismantling apartheid, a legislated system of racial segregation that brutalized South African society from 1948 to 1991.
The members of SADTU stand out as competent practitioners of the toyi-toyi.
The results were hailed by the South African Democratic Teachers Association (SADTU), and political parties across the board, but Sadtu was concerned that the improvement had nor resolved the inequalities in education.
After the election Chief Buthelzi was scathing about the fact that many black voters had gone to the polls to be greeted by representatives of the ANC, COSATU and the South African Democratic Teachers' Union SADTU, but with no IFP presence at all.
Through its alliance with the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) the ANC had almost unlimited access to schools.
The ANC is not the only actor in the policy domain, however; whereas government proposes nine years, the 76,000 strong South African Democratic Teachers' Union (SADTU) and Congress of South African Students (COSAS) have argued for a minimum of 13 years free and compulsory education.(11) The NECC's National Education Policy Investigation (NEPI) has by contrast explored the trade-offs that are to be achieved between different kinds of policy interventions.(12)