SADVSurvivors Against Domestic Violence (webring)
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With this transaction, SADV will be able to replace itself as a wholesale open access FTTH service provider in the South African market.
As per the deal, SADV will be using DFA's national fibre footprint towards development and extension of the reach of its FTTH network.
Xiao, "SADV: Static-Node-Assisted Adaptive Data Dissemination in Vehicular Networks," Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on, vol.
A presenca de um SAdv no inicio da clausula e, com certeza, um fator preponderante para desencadear a ordem VS no ingles.
Segundo os autores, o item 'there' seria, entao, uma palavra funcional que, por um processo de gramaticalizacao, seria originaria do locativo 'there'--portanto, originalmente um caso de Inversao Locativa--, que perdeu, ao longo do tempo, caracteristicas fonologicas e semanticas, alem de ter passado a funcionar como sujeito gramatical, nao semantico, da construcao existencial, e nao mais como SAdv.
The experimental results show that our mechanism can achieve reliable and low-latency data delivery in comparison with the epidemic-based data dissemination protocol (EBDD) [8] and the static-node-assisted adaptive data delivery protocol (SADV) [12].
Data are generated as follows: 10 percent of vehicles generate a data request with a random destination (SADV and Dubhe use RSUs as destinations while EBDD uses vehicles as destinations) per second.
El papel de modificador cuantitativo asignado al SAdv discontinuo "comparativo ...
SADV have 3 modules: Static Node Assisted Routing (SNAR), Link Delay Update (LDU) and Multi Path Data Dissemination (MPDD).
The advantages of SADV are: SNAR module stores and forwards packet through the best available path, LDU module effectively calculates the real time delay and MPDD reduces the delay.
More than one nonfocused phrase may precede a SADV in the middle field.
In the sentences in (24), the RPs precede the SADV; in (25), the RPs follow the SADV.