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Xiao, "SADV: Static-Node-Assisted Adaptive Data Dissemination in Vehicular Networks," Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on, vol.
The experimental results show that our mechanism can achieve reliable and low-latency data delivery in comparison with the epidemic-based data dissemination protocol (EBDD) [8] and the static-node-assisted adaptive data delivery protocol (SADV) [12].
Data are generated as follows: 10 percent of vehicles generate a data request with a random destination (SADV and Dubhe use RSUs as destinations while EBDD uses vehicles as destinations) per second.
SADV have 3 modules: Static Node Assisted Routing (SNAR), Link Delay Update (LDU) and Multi Path Data Dissemination (MPDD).
The advantages of SADV are: SNAR module stores and forwards packet through the best available path, LDU module effectively calculates the real time delay and MPDD reduces the delay.
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