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SAEFStand Alone Executable Files
SAEFSpacecraft Assembly and Encapsulation Facility (NASA)
SAEFSouth African Excellence Foundation
SAEFSt. Andrews Economic Forum (UK)
SAEFSimple Average Ensemble Forecast
SAEFSafe and Effective First (research and testing on nutrition and health products)
SAEFSt. Anthony Educational Foundation
SAEFStock Exchange Automatic Execution Facility
SAEFSlovak American Enterprise Found
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"They are now on the Jordanian border and back to outposts they had evacuated early in the conflict," Saef said.
While revascularization is usually performed immediately in PAEF, the timing and type of revascularization are debated in SAEF. For patients who are not considered good surgical candidates for open repair, an endovascular approach is suggested either as abridge procedure to definitive repair [10] or as an adjunct to palliative treatment [11].
Subject to Availability of End of Year Funds (SAEF)--Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFARS) 5101.602-2 (117)
The outcomes were received in a meeting between NDC Vice President Swaltan al-Atwaini; Secretary General Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak and his deputies; First Deputy Secretary Afrah al-Zoba; Political Development Forum head Yasser al-Roeini; Ali Saef Haider; Secretary General of the Local Dialogue Conference Hala Yoasef al-Shehari; and Local Dialogue Head of Support for NDC outcomes, Dhikra Motehar.
For almost a year, 34-year-old Saef Imam Disomnong's business in Pasig City flourished until Wednesday when authorities finally caught up with him.
It was taken down from the website a few hours after a Reuters reporter contacted the general manager, Saef Salama, by phone.
Data show that SAEF (Satiating Advanced Edible Fiber), from Gele-sis, Inc., Boston, MA, increases the satiety-enhancing properties of cereal bars when added as an ingredient, and does so to a far greater extent than glucomannan, a dietary fiber which has been shown to cause weight loss.
Saudi Arabia at present does not have its own polo team and Zedan said negotiations are under way with the Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation (SAEF) to have one.
Mohsen Bilal discussed on Tuesday with Director General of the French External Audiovisual Company (SAEF) Alain de Pouzilhac and Deputy Director of Radio Monte Carlo Nahida Nakad the important role of mass media in bolstering cooperation between Syria and France.Minister Bilal expressed desire for boosting media cooperation between the two countries, particularly with Radio Monte Carlo which broadcasts in Arabic.In turn, de Pouzilhac affirmed that Radio Monte Carlo wishes to reach wider coverage in the Arab region within the framework of bolstering media cooperation between the two countries.H.
The Pavilion also showcased Tarek Al Ghoussein, Hassan Sharif, Huda Said Saef and Ebtisam Abdullah Aziz with work that in some way touched on issues of infrastructure in the UAE.
Exhibitgroup/Giltspur, David Saef, SVP Strategy & Marketing, 800-424-6224,, p.
SAEF II is a facility used for assembling, fueling and encapsulating satellites prior to mounting them on various types of rockets.