SAEPSummer Academic Enrichment Program (various locations)
SAEPSupervised Agricultural Experience Program (FFA, Agriculture, Vocational Agriculture)
SAEPStratford Army Engine Plant (US Army production facility; Stratford, CT, USA)
SAEPSociety for Agricultural Education Parliamentarians (est. 2002)
SAEPSouthern Africa Environment Project
SAEPSociety of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines (professional group)
SAEPState Administration for Environmental Protection (China)
SAEPShorted Annular Elliptical Patch Antenna
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'The SAEP aims to empower individuals in skills acquisition and empowerment in vocational training.
Joerger's (2002) Minnesota study revealed high need for FFA related categories, including preparing FFA degree and proficiency award applications, utilizing local FFA Alumni or Young Farmer affiliates, supervising student SAEPs, preparing agriculture/FFA career development teams, and conducting local FFA activities.
Health Check provided screenings and health care services to 48 adults and hands-on health professions experience for 60 students enrolled in SAEP.
While that was the situation in 2016, it was the heroic effort of Khidmah's Diomar Gulmatico Saep, Pedro JR Fontanillas Galapia and Allan Subong Purificando, that eventually won over the judges.
Although stylistic boundaries are erected between each of these inter subcultural groups, their sense of self is most palpably defined against a generic category called dek saep, the denigrated "Other".
Additionally, joint culture is promoted through the Service Academy Exchange Program (SAEP).
Through SAEP, which is modeled on a similar EU program, livestock producers receive support to reduce flock density and prioritize indigenous breeds.
Three Key Trends in the SAEP Data." In Participation coming in Post Secondary Education: Exploring the Role of Parents and Government, edited by Robert Sweet and Paul Anisef.
sap Cut into, draw out liquid tap ditto <OE taepp(i)an (sap).<OE saep scatter Spread.
In San Antonio, Texas, the city, private sector corporations, school districts, local colleges and universities and several community organizations, the San Antonio Education Partnership (SAEP), developed a major scholarship program to increase high school graduation rates and college enrollments.
Por ello, la Sociedad Americana de Editores de Periodicos (SAEP) envio una carta a Donald Rumsfeld en la que advertia que la difusion de noticias falsas supondrian "un mal camino" para un pais como Estados Unidos que intentaba mantener la superioridad moral.
Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (SAEP)--A series of related learning experiences, which are an integral part of the instructional program of a student enrolled in vocational agriculture, designed to develop knowledge and skills in agriculturally related fields.