SAERSoccorso Alpino Emilia Romagna (Italian: Emilia-Romagna Mountain Rescue; Italy)
SAERSafety Analysis and Evaluation Report
SAERSystem Architecture Evaluation Record
SAERSoftware Architecture Evaluation Record
SAERSecurity Access Eligibility Report
SAERStudents at Educational Risk (Australia)
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For instance, FDA sent a warning letter to one company stating an emergency room visit was an SAER related to the product (this one was an OTC product), even though the visit was wholly unrelated to the product in question.
JUAN JOSE SAER is that chronicler who, in the words of Walter Benjamin, "recites events without distinguishing between major and minor ones," out of a belief that "nothing that has ever happened should be regarded as lost from history.
The ATBR900 series features the same capabilities as the SAER, but in a smaller housing that is designed for indoor environments.
Upgrading to the SAER or ATBR amplifier is completely transparent to end customers, and there is minimal disruption to the property.
Both the SAER and ATBR amplifiers are new to the North American market, but have been widely deployed in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.
The SAER and ATBR series share the following characteristics:
The first North American deployment of the SAER amplifier occurred a few weeks ago at the St.
To convert an existing one-way coax distribution plant into a 2-GHz, two-way system, all that is necessary is to replace the current one-way cable amplifiers with Ikusi's SAER or ATBR two-way amplifiers.
deployment of the Ikusi SAER 900 amplifier series, which has been widely used in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.