SAETSouth African English Teacher
SAETSociety for the Advancement of Economic Theory (various locations)
SAETSatellite Access for European Trains (European Space Agency project)
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Two new Deputy Presidents, Mark Calligeros and Steven Dolphin, will be appointed both to the SAET and Workers Compensation Tribunal effective 1 February 2015.
l SAET is configured as a set of activities, mostly outside of the socio - welfare and takes the form of a relational support and education of the operator against individuals or groups and / or their family system and environment, using all the resources that may be involved in the educational (school, leisure, etc.
A site maintenance and storage (SMR) located in Saint-Ouen and tunnel connecting- Several books service (fire access, extension force or recovery ventilation) along the project- Developments of systems, especially SAET (automatic train system) and MAV (audio-visual), to take account of both the extension and adaptation of existing stations.