SAF-TESCSI Access Fault-Tolerant Enclosure
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According to StorCase one of the main features of SAF-TE is that one board accommodates up to four channels - this enables customers to implement the board without having to sacrifice more than one SCSI ID per InfoStation.
The InfoStation SAF-TE processor board is available for USD149.
Q: What is SAF-TE? Where can I get further information on it?
A: SAF-TE and SES are enclosure or device management.
Compliance with the SCSI Accessed Fault-Tolerant Enclosures (SAF-TE) specification, an industry initiative defining chassis health management status, is another important aspect of server management.
The Fortra FRl0 and Fortra FT10 ten-disk drive RAID subsystem enclosures provide power and cooling, a SAF-TE controller and interface for environmental monitoring, ten hot-swappable 1.6-inch disk drive canisters, and controller canisters for four different Chaparral RAID bridge controllers, both Fibre Channel to SCSI and SCSI to SCSI versions.