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SAFASouth African Football Association
SAFASafety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (ECAC)
SAFAStudent Awards and Financial Aid (Canada)
SAFASouth Asian Federation of Accountants
SAFAStrategic and Financial Advisory (India)
SAFASaturated Fatty Acid
SAFASuomen Arkkitehtiliitto Finlands Arkitektförbund (Finnish Asociation of Architects; Helsinki, Finland)
SAFAStand Alone Fast Access
SAFASouth African Freedom Alliance (political party)
SAFASociety for Alliance, Fidelity and Advancement (science forum)
SAFAService des Affaires Franco / Anglais
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On this occasion, Tayyab Tareen, CEO K-Electric added, 'K-Electric is proud to be recognized by SAFA for such an achievement internationally.
During February 2014 SAFA was officially notified that the new import policy would be implemented with effect 1st May 2014.
SAFA encourages Saudi youth to join the aviation sector and SAFA is committed to helping the community to obtain pilot certificates with international standards to help them become aviation professionals.
Shir Arjuna Herath, President, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, has been appointed as SAFA vice president for 2014.
Later however SAFA decided against taking action against the Letsemeng LFA as it noted the latter's members had distanced themselves from the decision to take the Association to courts.
The SAFA said in a statement: "The (association's) committee resolved to write to Fifa and acknowledge that, through the actions of members of its staff during the warm-up matches prior to the Fifa 2010 World Cup, there is a prima facie breach of Fifa Statute 13.
The above three major issues have lead to the proposal of the SAFA framework that addresses the problems and reduces the bias in decision making.
SAFA has previously adjudged Nucleus' annual report for the second runner up position for the Best Presented Accounts Awards for the year 2008 and Merit Award for Best Presented Accounts Award for the year 2005.
SAFA was formed in the year 1984 and is the apex professional body of the accountants in the SAARC region which has representation of the accounting bodies from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Although the list of applicants includes a number of high-profile names, SAFA chief executive Raymond Hack insists every candidate will be considered.
Anti-smoking posters featuring prominent South African players will go up in soccer venues, announcements during matches will remind spectators of the new policies, and SAFA chief executive Danny Jordaan hinted in an interview that no-smoking clauses may be written into future player contracts.
Schildt surely exaggerates when he suggests that Aalto thought that SAFA members could he a Nietzschean elite leading Finnish society towards progress, but certainly there were elements of the notion in his approach at the time (as there were in the minds of very many contemporary architects).