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SAFERStudents Active For Ending Rape
SAFERStaffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (US Department of Homeland Security)
SAFERSecure and Fast Encryption Routine
SAFERSteel And Foam Energy Reduction (racetrack barrier developed by University of Nebraska)
SAFERSimplified Aid For EVA Rescue
SAFERSociété d'Aménagement Foncier et d'Etablissement Rural (French: Property and Rural Settlement Development Corporation)
SAFERSafer Alternatives for Enjoyable Recreation (pro-marijuana group)
SAFERSecure and Fast Encryption Routine (cryptography)
SAFERSafety Assessment for Evaluating Rehoming
SAFEREvasion and Recovery Selected Area for Evasion (SAFE) Area Activation Request (US DoD)
SAFERStreamlined Approach for Environmental Restoration (US DoE)
SAFERSouthern Area Fire Equipment Research
SAFERSplit Access Flexible Egress Routing (AT&T)
SAFERSafety and Fitness Electronics Records System (Johns Hopkins University)
SAFERSandwell Approach Forum for Eliminating Racism (UK)
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Just before dusk we moved out into the bay a hundred yards from shore and dropped anchor, for I felt that we should be safer there than elsewhere.
Yet how could a man be safer from espionage than he!
Sometimes it's safer than when they're alive though, sweetheart," commented Dan.
She knows her power, and she uses it too; but well knowing that to wheedle and coax is safer than to command, she judiciously tempers her despotism with flattery and blandishments enough to make him deem himself a favoured and a happy man.
Cobb saw that he had taken the wrong tack, but he was too unused to argument to explain himself readily, so he drove away, trying to think by what safer word than "lively" he might have described his interesting little passenger.
But I do not understand how the room at the Crown can be safer for you than your father's house.
As a counsellor she was not wanted; but as an approver, (a much safer character,) she was truly welcome.
The Safer Choice program evaluates the environmental and human health impacts of every chemical ingredient in a product.
The recognition from the EPA is an important validation of AkzoNobels efforts to make safer and more sustainable products for our customers, Dery said.
SAFER Systems, a company involved in real-time chemical monitoring and emergency response management, using innovation and integration of next-generation technologies, has launched its new real-time, cloud-based chemical detection and emergency response platform, SAFER One.
Our SAFER programs are an easy to remember and easy to implement training regimen for individuals and organizations of all sizes.
Safer Formulator-Manufacturer winners included: Boulder Clean, Bissell, Case Medical, Inc.