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SAFETYSupport Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002
SAFETYSun Awareness For Educating Today's Youth
SAFETYSociety for the Advancement of Firearms and Effective Training of Youth
SAFETYSave Adolescent Females by Empowering Today’s Youth
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And unless it can be shown that the circumstances which may affect the public safety are reducible within certain determinate limits; unless the contrary of this position can be fairly and rationally disputed, it must be admitted, as a necessary consequence, that there can be no limitation of that authority which is to provide for the defense and protection of the community, in any matter essential to its efficacy that is, in any matter essential to the FORMATION, DIRECTION, or SUPPORT of the NATIONAL FORCES.
I tender it before you all, enjoining you all to fall back with me upon the coast of France, in such a way as not to compromise the safety of the forces his majesty has confided to me.
Notwithstanding our danger I could not help but laugh at Perry's frantic capers as he essayed to gain the safety of the lower branches of the trees he now had reached.
I have found thee,'' said he to Rebecca; ``thou shalt prove I will keep my word to share weal and woe with thee There is but one path to safety, I have cut my way through fifty dangers to point it to thee up, and instantly follow me
So far, therefore, as either designed or accidental violations of treaties and the laws of nations afford JUST causes of war, they are less to be apprehended under one general government than under several lesser ones, and in that respect the former most favors the SAFETY of the people.
Here Sir Nathaniel spoke softly, placing his lips to Adam's ear for safety.
He dared not stay longer than to see her well; these several delays left him not another minute to lose; and Emma engaging to give assurance of her safety to Mrs.
Thus they obtained air and proper ventilation without fear of lessening the safety of their cabin.
asked the Queen, anxious for the safety of her children.
She arrived in safety at a town about twenty leagues from the cottage of De Lacey, when her attendant fell dangerously ill.
Personal differences were quickly forgotten in the danger which menaced his human companion, nor was he a whit less eager to jeopardize his own safety in the service of his friend than Korak had been to succor him.
Sir," replied the Canadian, "I am ready to do anything for the general safety.