SAFGScandinavian American Foundation of Georgia (Decatur, GA)
SAFGSouth Asian Federation Games
SAFGStupid and Futile Gesture
SAFGSwenson Anderson Financial Group (Minneapolis, MN)
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Station SAFG is the one with the longest regular observations.
For the preliminary solution only 8 epochs in approximately half yearly steps were chosen, but however, the selection of used days was influenced by the quality of observations and their availability together at all four stations NKHL, PHLW, SAFG and SLUM.
GPS observations on suitable Egyptian stations (NKHL, PHLW, SAFG, and SLUM) at 8 chosen epochs (see Chapter 2, Table 1) were processed for each epoch individually as independent campaigns.
The comparison of horizontal velocities is possible only for the station HELW/PHLW as the data from the other Egyptian stations (NKHL, SAFG and SLUM) are neither in the above mentioned papers nor in other available references at disposal.