SAFHStatens Autorisasjonskontor for Helsepersonell (Norwegian: Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel; Oslo, Norway)
SAFHShooty Army from Hell (WarHammer 40000)
SAFHSocial Activities, Fitness and Health (education)
SAFHSysAdmin from Hell
SAFHSkilled Angels From Heaven
SAFHSubacute Fulminant Hepatitis B
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Currently, senescent cells are identified as cells showing enlarged and flattened morphology, altered gene expression patterns, high [beta]-galactosidase enzyme activity, telomere dysfunction-induced foci (TIF), presence of DNA segments with chromatin alterations reinforcing senescence (DNA-Scars), senescence-associated heterochromatin foci (SAFH), and senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) (3, 6).
The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAFH) had reportedly evaluated the physician's professional knowledge and found it according to standard.