SAFLSt. Anthony Falls Laboratory (University of Minnesota)
SAFLScottish Amateur Football League (UK)
SAFLSasol Advanced Fuels Laboratory
SAFLSelangor Association Football League (Malaysia)
SAFLSummerland Australian Football League (est. 1984; Australia)
SAFLSuperficial Anulus Fibrosus Ligament
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Councillor Danny Millard, Sandwell Council's cabinet member for skills and employment, said: "These SAFL events are a great way to get all ages involved with the upcoming jazz festival.
The Enforcement Directorate alleged that two firms, South Asia FM Limited (SAFL) and Sun Direct TV Private Ltd.
Es probable que la normatividad nacional no contribuye al exito de la LME, un ejemplo de ello es la duracion de la licencia de maternidad (Ley 1468 de 2011) (23) que ofrece 14 semanas (98 dias) y una hora de descanso para lactar hasta los 6 meses de edad del bebe (articulo 238 del CST) (29), en comparacion a los seis meses que proporciona Chile; por esto las SAFL es una estrategia que motiva y mantiene esta practica.
Promoters of the SDTPL are Kalanithi and his wife Kaveri, are said to hold 80 per cent shares of the company while in SAFL, the main stake holder is Sun TV Network Limited (60 per cent) followed by AH Multisoft Pvt Ltd and South Asia Multimedia Technologies Ltd Mauritius (20 per cent each).
The shareholders of SAFL are Ms Sun TV Network Limited ( 60 per cent) and 20 per cent each are Ms AH Multisoft Private Limited and Ms South Asia Multimedia Technologies Limited Mauritius.
4-5 Superior It is the maximum anteroposterior and articular facet transverse diameter of articular surface length (SAFL) of superior facet.
John Rogers, secretary of the SAFL, spoke of Douglas's "sheer determination" to get to games.
INGREDIENTS: %WT Phase A Water 86.3 Hydroxyethyl cellulose 0.7 Glycol distearate 2.0 J Cola Moist 200 (Colonial Chemical) 1.5 Cetearyl alcohol 2.5 Cola Quat HRC (Colonial Chemical) 6.7 Cola Lipid SAFL (Colonial Chemical) 0.3 PROCEDURE: Charge water.
Safley illuminates Miller's bourgeois ethos of work, friendship, social and religious propriety, which are all the more interesting as Safl ey makes clear the emotional tensions, religious crises, social and family struggles that lay behind Miller's carefully constructed facade.
"He took over during a turbulent spell in the club's history and should have tasted immediate success in the SAFL only to be denied by a shambolic decision by the league committee.
The side won the league for the second time by six points from their nearest rivals Gartcosh United, earning promotion to the Central SAFL Premier Division in the process.
Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL) director Fotis Sotiropoulos and University of Minnesota department of civil engineering professor James L.