SAFMASouth Asia Free Media Association
SAFMASouth African Facilities Management Association
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SAFMA and Hind-Pak Dosti Manch have been working for peace in the subcontinent and celebrating freedom and commemorating peace across the Wahga border for many years on independence days of both Pakistan and India.
According to SAFMA sources, two Of its members' leading newspapers in Jammu and Kashmir have been raided by police that raided their offices and seized their printed copies and arrested their employees - a clear act of choking and gagging media.
Badal further emphasised that the holding of the SAFMA Conference in Amritsar was in tune with the aims and objectives of SAFMA, which is promoting secular and social cooperation.
He expressed hope that the endeavours by SAFMA will encourage taking of bold steps to make South Asia an economic powerhouse that will benefit its over one billion people.
A statement from SAFMA alleged that the information minister, who also heads the monitoring commission, had initiated the action due to his personal grudges against some media outlets.
ISLAMABAD -- SAFMA on Friday in a seminar here welcomed the resolve of political and military leadership in initiating an all out war against the perpetrators, ideologies and abettors of terrorism in the name of religion and those fighting against the state.
Bizenjo was addressing a condolence reference organised by the National Party on the demise of revolutionary leader Comrade Sobho Gianchandani here at SAFMA office on Thursday.
Individuals like Zaid Hamid and organisations like PKKH routinely ridicule other institutions like SAFMA and the movements like Aman ki Asha and they are getting support for their anti-Indian or anti-peace campaign.
At the conclusion of her four-day visit to Pakistan, Dame Barbara Stocking was talking to a group of leading media persons at an interactive session held at the SAFMA Media Centre.
Speaking as chief guest at a SAFMA seminar titled "Will Pakistan change in the aftermath of Peshawar massacre?
A large number of admirers and political workers turned up to hear Punjabi poet Baba Najmi recite his revolutionary poetry at the SAFMA Secretariat.
SAFMA was established at the 1st South Asia Free Media Conference in Islamabad on July 2, 2000.