SAFNSaive Automatique Fabrique Nationale (French; semi-automatic rifle)
SAFNSoviet Armed Forces Network (gaming, Freedom Fighters)
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The navy purchased a number of Beretta BM-59 rifles and converted most of their M1 and SAFN rifles to 7.62mm, modifying them to use FAL magazines.
The SAFN report indicates that early government policy support will aid creating an aviation bio fuels industry in the US.
Yr oedd ei safn yn ddigon o faintioli i ddyn fyned iddi ar ei draed heb wyro.
Nid yw'n bechod marwol ac yr oedd yn ddoniol gweld David Williams ar y rhalgen Llygad y Ddraig a'i safn yn ewynnu wrth gyfweld nhw.
SAFN has a traditional frozen pizza line, including ham and cheese, seafood, Bolognese and Royale.
* 7.9mm Patrone sS--the Mauser and SAFN rifles thus obtained were chambered for the 7.9mm Patrone sS.
Felly maen nhw'n gallu cadw eu safn fawr ar agor yn y dur.
The first open day takes place at Safn Y Coed, Llangurig, which is run by Derek and Veronica Morgan.
Following the end of World War II, the Saive self-loading rifle project was revived by FN and in 1948 a contract, for what became known as the "FN49" (aka SAFN), was obtained from Venezuela with the rifle chambered for the7x57mm cartridge.
However, the industry requires so much sustainable fuel that no single technology is expected to meet its needs, an SAFN report said.
Diolch hefyd i Megan Parry, Aberffraw am roi gwybod i ni am ddywediad ei thad - "swn yn safn yr afon", y swn oedd yn darogan glaw.
Post-World War II production of refined semiautomatic battle rifles led to the Belgian FN SAFN M1949, the French MAS 49 and 49/56, the Belgian FN FAL, the Swiss SIG 510 series, the U.S.