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Robert Goffner/Alex Ly 21; Jesse Vacher/Jack Safos d.
Caroline, someone could argue, is still in possession of some epistemic privilege concerning safos in the counterfactual situation of CM2.
Kirk Gee, outrider for Con Safos Press, has been seen flogging a couple of new projects in odd ways lately.
As to Acosta's other writings, the three-part San Joaquin story, "Perla is a Pig" (1971), published in the journal Con Safos, offers a portrait of Chicano community internally prejudiced against one of its own as an "eccentric." The very outsiderness of the protagonist Huero, a maybe oblique figure for Acosta's own singularity within the culture of his birth, leads to the wasted sacrifice of his pig and renders him still rejected and ultimately exiled.
One of Rodriguez's many leitmotifs is the expression con safos (or simply c/s), a Chicano code of conduct, an imprimatur freely translated as "with safety," meaning "Nobody can mess with me." Ubiquitous in graffiti and murals in the Southwest and Midwest, it is also felt in every page and paragraph, making the voice authentic.
The one-three-wall big-ball event featured Jack Safos and Chris Benitez meeting in the open final for the second year in a row, with Safos prevailing.
He has presented a number of papers on African Literature, and is a member of Southern African Folklore Society (SAFOS) and African Languages Association of Southern Africa (ALASA).
In the semifinals, Lee beat Alejandro Marmolejo 25-17 while Carrone edged Jack Safos 25-23.