SAFRSan Francisco Maritime National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
SAFRSmall Arms Firing Range
SAFRSodium Advanced Fast Reactor
SAFRShooter's Alliance for Firearm Rights
SAFRStorage, Analysis, Failure Evaluation and Reclamation
SAFRSecurity Assistance Foreign Representative
SAFRScalable Architecture for Financial Reporting (IBM)
SAFRSpring-Applied Fluid pressure Released (brake system)
SAFRSenior Air Force Representative
SAFRShipboard Aviation Fuels Refresher (US Navy)
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Conformado por las modalidades que denotan la presencia del consumo de las comidas rapidas y convencionales en los platos principales fuera del hogar (SDFR, SAFR, SCFR, SDFC, SAFC y SCFC), estando mas cercanas al origen por poseer una alta frecuencia, mientras que las modalidades que denotan la pobreza relativa (NB2, LP2) y pobreza extrema (NB3, LP3) de los indicadores oficiales de pobreza se encuentran mas alejados del origen.
SAFR was produced by 1 2 3-benzentriol autooxidation systems under alkaline condition.
The Italian Navy established the first SAFR office in 1962 at the Naval Supply Center in Bayonne, N.
The mean and median SAFRs for the (-1, 1) month window are both negative (-0.
For Haag, 53, the decision comes after seven years at PartnerRe, during which he was the architect who led the firm from a Bermuda-based monoline catastrophe reinsurer to a truly global entity, with the 1997 purchase of France's SAFR and subsequent purchases in the U.
Meyenhofer joined PartnerRe in 1998, through the Company's acquisition of Winterthur Re and led the integration of the PartnerRe, SAFR and Winterthur Re underwriting operations outside the U.
The Italian Navy established the first SAFR office in 1962 in Bayonne, New Jersey, where the predecessor to the Deputy Commander for International Programs of the NAVICP (Code OF) was located.
You will see that the most successful and most promising companies will have no problem attracting talent," says Herbert Haag, CEO of Bermuda-based PartnerRe, which has itself grown considerably in recent years, what with its purchases of France's SAFR, and significant books of life reinsurance and other business in the United States.
Indeed, just as Bermuda's other top property catastrophe reinsurer, Partner Re, diversified into a global multiline power via its SAFR and Winterthur acquisitions, so Tempest Re isn't likely to lag behind for long.
When a hurricane leaves the city with no power and no phone lines, an innovative new technology from Vocati Enterprises, called SAFR (Systems for Automated Failure Recovery), keeps businesses operating.
NYSE: PRE) announced today that it will change the name of its Paris organization from SAFR PartnerRe to PartnerRe SA.