SAFRStorage, Analysis, Failures and Reclamation (US Army)
SAFRSan Francisco Maritime National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
SAFRSmall Arms Firing Range
SAFRShipboard Aviation Fuels Refresher (US Navy)
SAFRSodium Advanced Fast Reactor
SAFRShooter's Alliance for Firearm Rights
SAFRSecurity Assistance Foreign Representative
SAFRStorage, Analysis, Failure Evaluation and Reclamation
SAFRScalable Architecture for Financial Reporting (IBM)
SAFRSenior Air Force Representative
SAFRSpring-Applied Fluid pressure Released (brake system)
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There were no medical facilities, no education and no hope," recalled Safr, choking with emotions.
While the company called Chariot didn't work out as planned, the idea struck a chord with Pakistani-American Zain Gillani, who acquired the company, re-branded it as 'SafeHer', which later became 'Safr'.
The software is always on the job, unlike a school resource officer or even a camera not equipped with SAFR. SAFR will analyze the faces of students, teachers, and visitors in real time, and it doesn't have to be updated because this software "never stops learning and improving."
SAFR is distinguished from other facial recognition platforms in three ways.
Claire Macaulay, founder of SAFR, said: "Scottish Action for Refugees collects warm winter clothes for men, women and children, personal care items and school supplies to ship out to refugee camps each year.
Besides criminal background checks, Safr also offers additional safety features, including bystander awareness and ride safety training sessions for all drivers.
SenseGiz, a Bengaluru-based startup that makes a safety monitoring wristband called SAFR, has sold around 35,000 devices so far.
Bahrain will be represented by Fatima Abdel Razaq Safr and Ruba Al Amry from the Bahrain Disabled Sports Federation (BDSF).
Willis Faber Enthoven v Receiver of Revenue (1991), [1992] (4) SA202 (AD), [1992] 4 All SA 62 (SAfr SC).
Se puede destacar ademas la relacion entre las modalidades de si desayunan, almuerzan y cenan fuera comida rapida (SDFR, SAFR y SCFR).
Winners of 18 Chevrolet Malibu cars are Faisal Safr Mesfer, Mohammad Asghar Mohammad, Khodor Nasser Al-Faseeh, Abdullah Manna Ezz Allah, Thamer Al-Ghamdi, Reda Saad Al-Awwad, Mohammed Arshad Ramzan, Shaikha Hussain Khardaly, Basim bin Mohammed Al-Nasir, Nwdha Mehwes Al-Harthi, Mohammed Khalid Shahin, Mohammed bin Ali bin Ahmed, Ahmed Omar Al-Muaidi, Saleh Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Khalid Mansor Al-Haiyan, Mubarak Salem Al-Hulaibi, Al-Hasan Yazid, and Abdurrahman.
The Stroke Assessment of Fall Risk (SAFR): predictive validity in inpatient stroke rehabilitation.