SAFTEA-LUSafe, Accountable, Flexible Transportation Equity Act-Legacy for Users
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It was timed with House and Senate action on legislation that would resume federal highway program funding on multi-year plans, versus the temporary extension measures since the SAFTEA-LU (2004-2009) expired.
In fact, it was the 'Bridge to Nowhere' that you added to SAFTEA-LU in 2005 that became the poster child for out-of-control spending and led to the loss of credibility (and possibly the mid-term elections) for Republicans.
The second President Bush signed SAFTEA-LU to the tune of $244 billion.
The 2005 highway authorization bill, SAFTEA-LU, which included more than 6,300 earmarks worth $24 billion - including the infamous "bridge to nowhere" in Alaska - is a prime example.