SAFVSitkans Against Family Violence (Sitka, AK)
SAFVSchweizerischer American Football Verband (German: Switzerland American Football Association)
SAFVSociety against Family Violence (various locations)
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The samples were tested for SAFV by using real-time RT-PCR primer/probe, and all positive samples were genotyped by partial sequencing of the viral protein (VP) 1 gene (6).
To determine the evolutionary history of strains of SAFV identified in persons in Denmark, we combined the VP1 sequences collected here with all others available on GenBank.
To investigate the possible invasive potential of SAFV in humans, we developed a diagnostic PCR and tested CSF samples from a group of children.
We tested previously submitted CSF samples for SAFV, reviewed the patients' medical records, and sequenced the viruses isolated.
To determine the prevalence of SAFV infection among children in Malaysia, we conducted a seroprevalence study by using 400 serum samples collected during 2009 from children 10-12 years of age under the national hepatitis B postvaccination serosurvey.
(%) samples SAFV-3 pos SAFV pos SAFV-2 pos + Country ([double dagger]) ([section]) SAFV-3 neg Netherlands 4 (14) 15 (52) 11 Netherlands 20 (77) 25 (96) 5 Netherlands 29 (97) 30 (100) 1 Finland 21 (70) 24 (80) 3 Cameroon 28 (97) 29 (100) 1 Indonesia 30 (100) 30 (100) 0 SAFV-2 neg + Country SAFV-3 pos Netherlands 0 Netherlands 4 Netherlands 0 Finland 14 Cameroon 1 Indonesia 0 * SAFV, Saffold virus; pos, positive; neg, negative.
Several reports have documented the presence of SAFV in fecal samples and respiratory secretions (5-10).
SAFV was detected in 1 child, and the virus belonged to SAFV-1 sublineage.
SAFV RNA was detected in the samples by nested reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) that used primers targeting the 5' untranslated region (UTR), which generated a 540-bp amplicon (9).
Extracts of nucleic acid were tested for SAFV by a nested PCR that targeted the 5' untranslated region (UTR) gene as described by Drexler et al.
A novel cardiovirus, SAFV, isolated from the stool of an infant with fever of unknown origin, recently was reported (15).
All patients with positive results for cardiovirus were retested by a quantitative real-time RT-PCR for SafV, which was designed after sequencing of the 5'-noncoding regions of all viruses.