SAGAIESysteme d' Autodefense pour La Guerre Infra-Rouge et Electromagnetique (French naval decoy system)
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The sagaies have diverse cross sections -round, quadrangular, centrally flattened or plano-convex- and bases -single bevel, conical-, but square-section items are far rarer than in the overlying Cantabrian Lower Magdalenian levels.
There is also general continuity in the Cantabrian region between the two "cultural periods" in terms of osseous artifacts, namely the presence of quadrangular section, short single-bevel base and centrally flattened sagaies in assemblages pertaining to both "entities".
Panhard delivered 192 ERC 90 F4 Sagaies to the French Army between 1984 and 1990, plus exports to Argentina, Chad, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Mexico and Nigeria.