SAGAIESysteme d' Autodefense pour La Guerre Infra-Rouge et Electromagnetique (French naval decoy system)
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A plot of sagaie widths indicates a rather tight distribution of values between 3/9 mm, with 13 outliers at the wide end of the range between 10/13 mm.
Level 119 yielded 10 sagaie fragments --none of these projectile points having been abandoned whole--.
Systems such as the Panhard AML and Sagaie or adopted by Kuwait and is the current production standard vehicle.
For the future, the service's nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is to be fitted with a suite which will include a variant of Thomson's DR 3000 ESM unit, Dassault's ARBB-33 radar jammer and a four-system fit of CS Defense's Sagaie decoy launcher.
The VBCI should be followed into French service by the Engin Blinde a Roues de Contact (EBRC) reconnaissance vehicle that is intended to replace the 105 mm-armed 6 x 6 AMX-10RC, the 90 mm-armed 6 x 6 ERC Sagaie and some AMX-30B2 MBTs.
As currently outlined, the Sparticus consists of three elements: an "alert module" (using the towed and hull-mounted sonars); a "warning and reaction" module (a threat evaluation/display/control subsystem) and a "launch" module using the Dagaie or Sagaie decoy launcher.
Its 8.3 tonne 6 x 6 Engin de Reconnaissance Canon (ERC) 90 or Sagaie and a version of its 5.5 tonne 4 x 4 AML each carry a 90 mm gun capable of using high explosive, anti-armour, canister and smoke munitions.
Lacroix products include the LEM and LIR centroid seduction formats (covering the I/J bands), which are compatible with buses launched from the CSEE Dagaie and Sagaie systems and the CelsiusTech Philax system.
Another French Army armoured car receiving the upgrade approach is the Panhard ERC 90 F4 Sagaie, a prototype of which was shown at the Eurosatory exhibition in 2002.
In France, naval decoy launcher activity centers on CSEE Defense, which produces the well-known Dagaie and Sagaie systems.
The French Army's other 6 x 6 wheeled armoured car, the Panhard ERC 90 F4 Sagaie, is being retrofitted with a Mercedes-Benz/MTU four-cylinder 4.2-litre diesel engine, developing 170 hp, coupled to a Renk automatic transmission.