SAGBSwedish Adjustable Gastric Band
SAGBSpiritualist Association of Great Britain (est. 1872; UK)
SAGBSchizophrenia Association of Great Britain
SAGBShellfish Association of Great Britain (London, UK)
SAGBSkibob Association of Great Britain
SAGBSilicone-Adjustable Gastric Banding (surgery)
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The concentrations of the four main compounds (EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, and icariin) and the other minor flavonoids (2"-rha-icaII, SagB) were determined through the method described by Wu et al.
Therefore, deglycosylated metabolites (SagA, SagB, 2"-rha-icaII, IcaI, and icaritin) were the key metabolic intermediates bridging the prenylflavonoid prototypes and the glucuronide conjugates.
Among the metabolites detected, four glucuronide conjugates (M5-M8) were the most abundant, while the five prototypes (EpiA, EpiB, EpiC, icariin, and BaoI) and five deglycosylated products (SagA, SagB, 2"-rha-icaII, Ical, and icaritin) were relatively scarce.
The other 6/14 compounds (icariin, SagA, SagB, 2"-rha-icaII, IcaI, and icaritin) were detected at only one or two time points due to their low concentrations.
In addition to the SAGB, the national bio-industry associations of Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom established an umbrella organization that solely advocated biotechnology interests (the European Secretariat of National Bioindustry Associations, ESNBA).
Although the aims of both interest organizations coincided, SAGB became the much more successful model.
This was the main reason for the SAGB to merge with the ESNBA in September 1996.