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SAGESerial Analysis of Gene Expression
SAGESet A Good Example
SAGESchéma d'Aménagement et de Gestion des Eaux (French: Water Development and Management Scheme)
SAGEStrategic Advisory Group of Experts (World Health Organization)
SAGEStudent Achievement Guarantee in Education
SAGESustainability and the Global Environment (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
SAGESenior Action in a Gay Environment
SAGEStanding Against Global Exploitation (prostitution rehabilitation and female protection program)
SAGESemi-Automatic Ground Environment
SAGEStratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment
SAGESystem Administrator's Guild
SAGEService and Advocacy for GLBT Elders
SAGESoviet-American Gallium Experiment
SAGESoftware for Algebra and Geometry Experimentation
SAGESecurity Algorithms Group of Experts
SAGEScottish Area Gas Evacuation
SAGESummer of Applied Geophysical Experience
SAGEStudent Achievement Guided by Experience (University of California)
SAGESavings and Growth for Education
SAGESociety of Attorneys General Emeritus
SAGEScarborough against Genetic Engineering (Yorkshire, UK)
SAGEStatistical Analysis for Genetic Epidemiology (Research software package)
SAGESpace Alternating Generalized Expectation
SAGESystems Advisory Group Enterprises, Inc.
SAGEScience Advice for Government Effectiveness (Canada)
SAGESignal Amplification by Gas Extraction (resonant imaging)
SAGESpace-Alternating Generalized EM (algorithm)
SAGESoftware Aided Group Environment
SAGEScalable Automated Guided Execution (computer testing tool)
SAGE(Unix) System Administrators' Guild
SAGEStandard Automated Guard Environment
SAGESeniors: Active, Giving, and Engaged (Seattle, WA)
SAGESecuring Assets for Grassroots Empowerment
SAGESystem for Automatic Program Generation
SAGESonic Amateur Game Expo (Sonic the Hedgehog fangame event)
SAGESociety for the Advancement of Good English
SAGESimulation for Air & Ground Engagements (Model)
SAGESystem for the Analysis of Gas Turbine Engines
SAGESoftware Accelerated Graphics Engine
SAGESpecial and Gifted Education
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The sage started, and bent his head aside, as if to catch the fleeting sounds of some passing melody.
After a patient pause, however, one of the aged men, perceiving that the sage had lost the recollection of the subject before them, ventured to remind him again of the presence of the prisoner.
resumed the sage, "little art thou worthy of thy name.
It is true--it is true," returned the sage, a flash of recollection destroying all his pleasing fancies, and restoring him at once to a consciousness of the true history of his nation.
Tell me, son of my brother," returned the sage, avoiding the dark countenance of Le Subtil, and turning gladly to the more ingenuous features of Uncas, "has the stranger a conqueror's right over you?
At length the sage, on whom alone the decision depended, said, in a firm voice:
The words of the Delaware are said," returned the sage, closing his eyes, and dropping back into his seat, alike wearied with his mental and his bodily exertion.
Though sages are not always husbands," said Irais with equal gravity.
JEMIMA PUDDLE-DUCK was a simpleton: not even the mention of sage and onions made her suspicious.
 But heed the warning words the sage hath said:
They are essentially the art works of an older school than that of the Seven Sages.
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