SAGFSouth African Gymnastics Federation
SAGFSouth African Golf Foundation (est. 1960)
SAGFSchwimmende Ansaug-Grob-Filter (German: Floating Suction Fine Filter)
SAGFSemi-Infinite Array Green's Function
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The high court said EO 179 'does not create a new special fund but merely reiterates that revenues arising out of or in connection with the privatization of coconut levy funds shall be deposited in the SAGF [Special Accounts in the General Fund].'
%) Oxides CaO Si[O.sub.2] [Al.sub.2] [Fe.sub.2] Na2O [O.sub.3] [O.sub.3] Mussel 53.95 0.61 0.23 0.02 0.05 shells Oxides MgO S[O.sub.3] [K.sub.2]O [P.sub.2] LOI * [O.sub.5] Mussel 0.67 0.77 0.11 0.3 43.15 shells Table 2: Composition of the artificial saliva solutions used in the study (SAGF medium) [16] Substances NaCl KC1 Ca[Cl.sub.2].
Money constituting the coco levy or accruing from coco levy assets should likewise be deposited to the Special Account in the General Fund for Coco Levies (Coco Levy SAGF).
The Bureau of Treasury (BTr), in a release Wednesday, said the controversial budget for the operation of oil and gas wells in Malampaya off Palawan province is readily available in the National Government "with collections and government shares for the fund still credited and booked under Fund Code 151, a Special Account in the General Fund (SAGF) managed by the BTr."