SAGGSociedad Argentina de Gerontologia y Geriatria (Argentine Society of Geronotology and Geriatrics)
SAGGSeeker Aided Ground Guidance (US DoD)
SAGGStatistical Analysis of Global Growth (US VA; database growth)
SAGGSonic Adventure Glitches Guide (video game guide)
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David Pierson Jr., Jesse's son and David's grandson, was one of the defendants in the "famous Sagg Mill Cause" of 1839, in which several proprietors set up two windmills in the undivided lands claiming (unsuccessfully) they had obtained a legal right to do so from the trustees of the proprietors.
King is exec producing the film with Splendid Film CEO Andreas Klein, Richard Treibick of Sagg Main and Michael Greenberg.
(16.) This interpretation, first put forward by Hirsch (apud Saggs 1986: 22, in textual notes) and elaborated by Studevent-Hickman (2010), follows the text of the tablet GM 1 and the Assur manuscript LKA 1.
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But captain and lifelong Villa fan Kelly Saggs reckons that the club can be involved in two semi-finals.
Devido a escassez de evidencias arqueologicas, muitas informacoes que possuimos atualmente sobre os povos mesopotamicos sao provenientes dos tabletes de escrita cuneiforme, utilizados para os registros administrativos, economicos, culturais e politicos da epoca (Kinnier & Reynolds, 1990; Moore, 1988; Oppenheim, 1964; Saggs, 1965; Spiegel & Springer, 1997).
GREEN AGENDA: Cardiff children, from left, Kira McGrath, Dina Tariq and Maddy Saggs, all aged eight, at the launch of the refuse lorry that will collect waste food in the city as from Monday PICTURE: Richard Swingler
Rachel Furness gave United the lead on the half hour with a header from a Stacy Crooks corner only for a Kelly Saggs' header to put Villa level.
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see Saggs 1995, 28; for a claim that he lived a century later, see Wilhelm 1989.