SAGHStudent Alliance for Global Health (University of Nebraska Medical Center; Omaha, NE)
SAGHSaiful Anwar General Hospital (India)
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"That's why I'm trying to promote the breed,'' said Sagh, a Hungarian-Canadian of the Montreal suburb of Laval.
Thee OETC GM has confirmed that the company has also signed five other agreements lately to build transformers stations in Yiti, Wadi Sagh (Buraimi), Nakhal, and Qurum.
Whilst he is a possible form of the 3rd person singular feminine pronoun in the South West Midlands at this date, saht (if it is derived from sen, 'see') is not attested as a form of 3rd person singular d; it is not recorded in either MED or LALME, though the latter gives sar, saght, and sagh. It is also a possible form of saughten, 'to make peace, be reconciled, be in agreement'; though in this case one would need a preposition with.