SAGITSectoral Advisory Group on International Trade (Canada)
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Digital images were processed by the SAGIT tracking system that allowed both players' movements to be tracked automatically, albeit with operator supervision, using a computer vision method (Pers et al., 2002; Vuckovic et al., 2010).
An analysis of basketball players' movements in Slovenian basketball league play-offs using the sagit tracking system.
Il sagit d'un seul institut gouvernemental pour les aveugles au Soudan, qui a ete fonde en 1961.
But as this had not been done, he ruled that no compensation should be made for claims of unmarked graves, and no sagit (customary compensation or considerations) was required.
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We thank Mercedes Boland, Sagit Stern, and Xu ("Henry ") Han for their assistance with the data.
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Computer-vision software called SAGIT was used for automatic tracking of players' movements in 11 matches of an international squash championship [James, N].